When writing The Seven Pearls, we tried to keep these principals in mind and to apply them to all aspects of this project.

Our Readers Deserve Respect and Honesty

We feel that women are often not treated with fundamental respect when it comes to financial matters. Women now control more than half the wealth in the United States, yet many women tell us that they are still being talked down to by their financial advisors and left in the dark by hard to understand account statements. They are being frightened and confused by the conflicting messages and financial jargon they see on television and read in the financial press. We don't like to be scolded, mislead or shamed by people talking about money. We try to always respect our readers. We believe strongly that ALL women have a right to receive clear financial advice, written in language that they can understand, so they can begin to experience their financial power and to enjoy their wealth.

Grains of Sand Can Become Pearls

We are all faced with a huge number of challenges in life. From sick children to job losses to divorce, women bear extra burdens when it comes to building their wealth and enjoying financial power, because they first and foremost take care of their loved ones. We may end up close to retirement age without savings for very good reasons. We call these challenges "grains of sand" in the oyster shell of our lives. We firmly believe that all women can turn their grains of sand into precious pearls of financial wisdom. We can all rise to meet our challenges with grace, still taking care of our loved ones as we care for ourselves. We wrote this book always keeping in mind that there is every reason to be optimistic in the face of life's financial challenges. Our experts show clearly that women are solving vast problems every day.

Women Should Enjoy Their Wealth and Power

Never before in recorded history have women had so many opporunities to express themselves in the world. We wrote this book to share our enthusiam about how exciting this time is for women financially. We want to create a sense of possibility and joy by sharing the good news with women on how they can take advantage of the new financial freedoms offered to them in 2012 and beyond. It is time for us to focus on what is good, right and possible, and to really enjoy our wealth and power.