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"Married or single, working mom or not, every woman will benefit from this new twist on being financially savvy and secure.”
-- Helen Jonsen, Director, Digital Media, Working Mother Media

"Women have always been leaders at home and work, and now Webster and Pepper have proven the new economy will be dominated by female wage earners.”
-- Jeffrey Hayzlett, Bestselling Author of The Mirror Test

"The timing for a book like this has never been more relevant. Kudos to Webster and Pepper, who have their pulse on the new economic landscape, dominated by women”
-- Vera Gibbons, MSNBC Financial Analyst

Best Books 2012: Business

The Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom is proud to be included on the Library Journal's Best Business Books 2012 list.

The Seven Pearls; A Financial Guide To Empower Women

By Toni Nagy | Huff Post Women | April 12, 2012

Investing for women, all the answers they need

By Blaze Bullock | Deseret News | March 22, 2012

Investing in Real Life: Sugar Daddies, Alcoholics and Sick Parents

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