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We had the pleasure of working with many experts to help inspire you. In this section, we have invited our experts to post their biographies and make it easy to find them, should you choose to connect or learn more. Please search for them by name or keyword using the search below.

Renee Siegel

Renee Siegel

Featured in Chapter 2: Romance and Marriage

Renee is Executive Director and owner of ABC Wellness and Healing. "ABC" refers to Awareness, Balance and Connection, the formula Renee believes is the framework for a strong recovery program. Comprehensive treatment utilizing the wellness philosophy is available for individuals and families struggling with addictions and other compulsive behaviors.

Renee Siegel received her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina in psychology and has always had a strong interest in integrating body, mind and spiritual principles in working with clients in counseling. After receiving a master's degree in marriage and family psychology from Wayne State University, she began her career treating individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol problems. Renee has worked in several inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient, and private practice settings. She also worked with a variety of patient populations including women, men, adolescent and dually diagnosed.

Renee is a nationally certified gambling counselor. She has specialized in treating gamblers since 1994 and has a special interest in helping family members. Because of her compulsive gambling expertise, Renee has presented locally and nationally, appeared in the media, trained other treatment professionals, and published articles on the subject.

ABC Wellness and Healing is Renee's vision. In order to expand that vision and to positively touch as many lives as possible, Renee has put together some truly unique programs and services. Renee has been working with Helen Palmer to incorporate the Enneagram system into ABC Wellness and Healing. Renee and Helen have put together an exciting DVD, Nine Points of View, about the Enneagram, which can be purchased at the Scottsdale location and will be available on our website soon. Along with Judith Sugg, PhD, Renee has published a 15-session interactive DVD and family workbook. Also on Renee's radar is how financial issues relate to problem gambling and she will be releasing a book on the topic in the Fall.

Professional Website: www.abcwellnessandhealing.com
Favorite Charity: The Women's Red Tent