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We had the pleasure of working with many experts to help inspire you. In this section, we have invited our experts to post their biographies and make it easy to find them, should you choose to connect or learn more. Please search for them by name or keyword using the search below.

Marie Dwyer-Bullock

Marie Dwyer-Bullock

Featured in Chapter 6: Retirement

Marie Dwyer-Bullock, CEO and Co-Founder of Focus on Mexico, is a Marketing and Project Sales Specialist for 25 years with over 16 years in Mexico offering Learning Adventure Tours and Project Marketing in Mexico. She is a Mexico Specialist expert on moving, living, working and investing in Mexico.

With a passion for excellence, Marie is a results oriented organized leader with a talent for inspiring people and sharing her love affair with Mexico. She has assembled a staff that is self-motivated and love what they do, and as a result, excel at their jobs.

An energetic and inspiring public speaker, Marie has exceptional interpersonal communication skills. She excels at project marketing and thinking out of the box and follows the motto - CANI - Constant And Never-ending Improvement.

Creator of the Focus on Mexico Learning Adventure programs, Marie was responsible for the preparation of Presentations, Marketing and Branding as well as Website SEO and SEM for the acclaimed Focus on Mexico website.

Professional website: www.focusonmexico.com